Car Baby Shade

car baby shade

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Bass Ackwards - 355

Bass Ackwards - 355

Feeling like a clown today while playing with my buddy Logan and decided to try on his glasses. What do you know, they fit!!!!

Ran to the car scooped up my fedora and set up on the dining room table, using my camera bag as the tripod to capture me off the mirror. What the hey! It's Friday night. Have a great weekend everybody.

YN-465 @ 1/32 power, camera right, triggered via Cactus V5
LP160 @ 1/64 power, 24mm zoom in front and beneath subject, triggered optically

Baby joins the Triumphs!

Baby joins the Triumphs!

The Salem rest stop was the last chance for a break for the next hour, so we all took advantage of it. Note the TR-3 behind Baby, that perfect shade of powder blue... the car I'd most like to have had in the driveway next to my Alfa.

car baby shade

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