Light blocking drapes - Playground shade structures.

Light Blocking Drapes

light blocking drapes

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19th Annual Dawson Creek Tree Light Up Celebration

19th Annual Dawson Creek Tree Light Up Celebration

The weather for this year's annual Tree Light Up was a bit chilly, it was minus 20 something on the morning of November 19, and we almost decided to stay home by the fire instead of getting all bundled up and driving in to town, but we had arranged to meet some friends, so away we went.

The City of Dawson Creek moved the Mile O Post to a temporary location at the Northern Alberta Railway Park, a block north of it's usual home and put up a 35-40 foot tree in it's place and draped it with multi-colored lights. The streets have been decorated with big white snowflakes and it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas here.

I'm glad we went because it turned out to be a great community party and the cold weather actually added to the fun.

It's nice to offer events like this to both the people who live here and also the many who find themselves far away from home and staying in our hotels, motels and bed & breakfasts.

Many of the local businesses were open for the light up celebration and some were handing out hot chocolate, hot cider, popcorn and even glow sticks.

There were kids of all ages mingling around and of course Santa was there too.

Prison Break . . . Seriously

Prison Break . . . Seriously

Okay, the last in this series, I promise. No strong subject here and a lot of empty foreground, but I really like the effect of the light bouncing around the netting that is draped under the ceiling, presumably to keep falling plaster from hitting folks on the head. This benefits greatly from a click on the pic to view on black.

Oh, and HFF -- Happy Freezing Friday. Hope everyone has a great, ice-free weekend. We are still frozen in our tracks in Atlanta, but higher temps and maybe even some rain this weekend promise to finally melt it all away. Keeping things in perspective, though, this experience has certainly reinforced my belief that I wouldn't last long if I had to live in North Dakota!

light blocking drapes

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